Barty is a character in Nomad of Nowhere. He is a child who lives in the small town of Bliss Hill. He and his two friends Dolores and Eugene formed the Mill Preservation Society to restore the town's broken mill.

He is later seen with the other Bliss Hill inhabitants in the Fiesta held by Don Paragon to reveal his capture of the Nomad, and led his friends in retaliation against the Oasis guards.

Barty is the son of the Bliss Hill Sheriff.


Barty has brown hair and pale blue eyes. He wears a pair of blue overalls with a pocket on the front over a short sleeve green shirt and brown boots with wrappings on the middle area of the foot of the right boot and the ankle of the left one. The right knee of his overalls also has a red and white polka dotted patch sewn onto it.


He's excitable and entrepreneurial. As an active part of the Mill Preservation Society with his friends, he has high hopes for the Nomad. With his courage and creative thinking, he helps his new friend fight the Ranch Hand.

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