You can call me Big Jib
—Big Jib
Big Jib is a character in Nomad of Nowhere. He first appeared in "The Kindness of Strangers."


Big Jib is a tall, stocky man, with brown hair which he keeps in a ponytail, a five o'clock shadow, and green eyes. He wears a knee-length brown coat over a tan undershirt, maroon pants, gray boots, and a dark brown belt with a silver buckle. He also has a holster for his gun with a strap across his chest. Big Jib wears a blue-colored name tag with his name is big black letters on coat.


Big Jib is extremely stoic, showing no emotion when bringing his deceased friend to The Undertaker. Big Jib is disturbed by The Undertaker’s morbid sense of humor and admits he finds it unprofessional and disconcerting. Big Jib is also extremely resilient, being completely unscratched after The Undertaker bludgeons him with a shovel.

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