Trixie is a member of The Twindleweed Brothers Traveling Circus and a former bounty hunter.


Trixie is a pale-skinned woman with light blue eyes and light brown hair cut short to uneven ends. She wears a red cowboy hat, a red, short-sleeved button-down shirt, blue jeans and leather cowboy boots.  The band on her cowboy hat and the buttons and collar of her shirt are the same denim as her jeans. She wears a large leather belt with a gold buckle and two leather holsters on her hips. She carries two silver, long-barreled revolvers, her weapons of choice.


Trixie is a confident and skilled marksman, being able to easily shoot a multitude of objects of the air. As such, she is very reliant on her revolvers, preferring to chase and recover he bullets when the Nomad turned them into Critters rather than fight the Nomad directly.

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